Snow-bike Racing Hot in Cold Minnesota
AMA Championship Snow Bike Race

Round 2 2016, February 13, 2016
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

The National Snow Bike MX Series sailed into round 2 at the Polar Fest winter celebration on Saturday, February 13, 2016, and was sponsored by: Timbersled, Tarantula Tequila, Moto Trax, Fox Suspension, Red Bull, Rekluse, Raptor, HMK, Fly Racing, Western Power Sports, Rockwell Watches, Pro Moto Billet, Fastway Performance, CMX, Detroit Mountain Resort, Hough Construction, We Fest, Tintmasters, and Pole Position Raceway.

There were a lot of questions surrounding this event; it was the first snow bike race ever held in Minnesota. Would anyone come to watch? Would anyone come to race? The answers were “yes” and “yes” respectively, as 31 racers and 321 paying spectators assembled to watch the race at the Becker County Fairgrounds. There would have been two, or perhaps three times as many on hand, but unseasonably cold temperatures of 5F and gusty winds, produced a teeth chattering wind chill factor and kept a lot of people indoors and away from the track.

Building a track was challenging as well, as there was only about 10 inches of snow on the ground. The solution was to haul in several thousand yards of snow, which was then dumped and manicured by Hough Construction and the Detroit Mountain Ski Resort. The resulting track proved to be awesome. It was about half a mile long, with tall banked turns and rolling bumps and jumps, with a nice, powdery surface. Fast riders turned lap times of around 40 seconds and praise for the track was universal as it allowed multiple lines and easy passing in most spots and no injuries of any kind occurred, although there were plenty of crashes. This venue provided superb spectator viewing as well, with grandstands in a number of areas around the track.

Saturday’s competition consisted of a series of heats, semis and last chance qualifiers to determine who would race in the A, B, and C mains, (there weren’t quite enough racers to run a D main) later in the day. Unfortunately, the two speedy Canadians, Brock Hoyer and Reagan Sieg, did not attend, nor did the always fast, off road legend, Jimmy Jarrett make it, but young motocrosser Colton Davis performed admirably, easily winning the A Main. He just started riding a snow bike and indicated that he will be at round 3 in West Yellowstone in a few weeks. That will give fans a chance to see if he has what it takes to run with the current crop of big boys out West.

Davis wasn’t the only fast, young, new rider. Harris Huizenger and Dustin Traxel also showed impressive speed, coping second and third in the A Main, and the Jelinek brothers from North Dakota also had a great weekend: Jay took 4th in the A Main, Lee won the B Main and Chad won the C Main. Mick Olson should also be mentioned. He was arguably the fastest guy on the track, and he was on a roll, coming off of a stellar 4th place in the A Main at the opening round of the series in Idaho. But he just couldn’t get a rhythm going and crashed multiple times, finally salvaging 12 points in the C Main. Clearly he needs to work on consistency, and when that happens, he will be a strong contender for a national championship title, because he’s really fast.

Another question loomed large over the weekend as to the speed of the women in this new, young sport. Shayla Fulfer dominated round 1, but did not attend round 2. She was replaced by South Dakota’s Shayna Lier , also known as No Fear Lier, who was every bit as fast as Shayla. Too short to even touch the ground, she simply gave the guys fits all day, finally finishing 5th in the B Main. It would be awesome to see a Shayla versus Shayna contest later in the season. Are you listening ladies?

Once again, although there were a number of crashes, there were no serious injuries. Clearly snow is much better to crash on than dirt, and snow-biking is proving to be a pretty safe sport.

Special thanks are in order to the City of Detroit Lakes, the Detroit Lakes Jaycees, and the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Matt Halseth, Matt Arola (the track groomer), Bryce Moen, (front loader operator) Roger Pinckney, Natalia Cooke, Lovisa Holm, David Martinson and Mike Hough. Round 3 of the National Snow Bike MX Series will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana on March 13. For more information on it and to check on points standings visit: www.flashpointsnowbike.com.

Round 2 results, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota:

A Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Colton Davis Hometown:Rocbert, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Timbersled  
Place:2 Name:Harris Huizenger Hometown:Mendken, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motorsports
Place:3 Name:Dustin Traxel Hometown:Lincoln, North Dakota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motorsports
Place:4 Name:Jay Jelinek Hometown:Fordville, North Dakota Riding:YAM, Moto Trax Sponsors:Jelinek Brothers, Peterka Farms, Moto Trax
Place:5 Name:Jake Ness Hometown:Red Lake Falls, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:6 Name:MacIntosh McGrew Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:937 Racing, M3 Racing, Sudco Vanson Leathers
Place:7 Name:Matt Halseth Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:8 Name:Wyatt Hooper Hometown:McGreger, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Wyatt’s Towing, Lakes
Place:9 Name:Jeff Davis Hometown:Rocbert, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Timbersled  
B Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Lee Jelinek Hometown:Pitek, North Dakota Riding:HON, 2Moto Sponsors:Jelinek Brothers, Peterka Farms, Zack Fast Racing
Place:2 Name:Brad Tweten Hometown:Grand Forks, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled  
Place:3 Name:Sean Hoffman Hometown:Manuel, North Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:4 Name:Jeff Klein Hometown:Fuigo, North Dakota Riding:SUZ, Timbersled  
Place:5 Name:Shayna Lier Hometown:Strafford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:6 Name:James Jenner Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:937 Racing, M3 Racing
Place:7 Name:Jason Weis Hometown:Hamilton, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Jerry Wessel Tire Center, Hamilton KTM
Place:8 Name:Sean Genelli Hometown:Diwabik, Minnesota Riding:HON, Explorer  
Place:9 Name:Eric Kerenen Hometown:Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota Riding:HON, Explorer  
C Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Chad Jelinek Hometown:Pitek, North Dakota Riding:HON, Explorer Sponsors:Jelinek Brothers, Peterka Farms
Place:2 Name:Colton Olson Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:3 Name:Pete Olson Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:4 Name:Scott Herberg Hometown:Grand Forks, North Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:5 Name:Jake Wessling Hometown:Grand Forks, North Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Heiner 5 Motorsports 
Place:6 Name:Lance Johnson Hometown:Gilbert, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Frozen Moto  
Place:7 Name:Kyle Seidler Hometown:Grand Forks, North Dakota Riding:KAW, Timbersled  
Place:8 Name:Tom Kohl Hometown:Zimmerman, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Kohlmobile Sponsors: Home made Snowbikes
Place:9 Name:Mick Olson Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:10 Name:Dustin Gorder Hometown:Grafton, North Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Gorder Farms
Place:11 Name:Robert Hoppe Hometown:Harwood, North Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:12 Name:Eric Aakie Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:937 Racing, M3 Racing
Place:13 Name:Taylor Davis Hometown:Rocbert, Minnesota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Fly Racing, Mom & Dad, Matt Halseth
Women Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Shayna Lier Hometown:Strafford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  

Men’s 2016 Snow Bike MX National Points after 2 of 5 rounds:

Colton Davis
Rocbert, Minnesota
Brock Hoyer
Williams Lake, BC, Canada
Mick Olson
Roosevelt, Minnesota
Harris Huizenger
Mendken, North Dakota
Reagan Sieg
Coldstream, BC, Canada
Dustin Traxel
Lincoln, North Dakota
Jimmy Jarrett
Meridian, Idaho
Jay Jelinek
Fordville, North Dakota
Jake Ness
Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
Andrew Watson
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Women’s 2016 Snow Bike MX National Points after 2 of 5 rounds:

Shayna Lier
Strafford, South Dakota
Shayla Fulfer
Meridian, Idaho
Leslie Atkinson
Boise, Idaho
Sarah Whipple
McCall, Idaho
Jessie Lyons
Florence, Montana


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