Snow-Bike Racing Heats Up West Yellowstone
AMA Championship Snow Bike Race

Round 3 2016, March 13, 2016
West Yellowstone, Montana

The National Snow Bike MX Series sailed into round 3 at the popular West Yellowstone EXPO winter celebration on Sunday, March 13, 2016, and was sponsored by: Timbersled, Tarantula Tequila, Moto Trax, Fox Suspension, Red Bull, Rekluse, Raptor, HMK, Fly Racing, Western Power Sports, Rockwell Watches, Pro Moto Billet, Fastway Performance, CMX, Mountain West Racing, the West Yellowstone Chamber and Pole Position Raceway.

As is often the case with winter time outdoor events, the weather was marginal at best. Winds gusted throughout the day and at various times, the sky dropped snow, rain and hail, but at least it wasn’t too cold, with temperatures staying somewhere around 35F for most of the afternoon. Thirty-two 32 racers showed up to compete, with around 300 spectators assembled to watch. The wide, 4/10 mile race course was easy to pass on and featured a blend of banked turns and single jumps, and the fastest riders were turning lap times of around 45 seconds. Even with marginal snow, racers later said that this was their favorite track yet in the series.

There were few crashes and zero injuries and this venue provided excellent spectator viewing as well, with a large, raised grandstand area that overlooked most of the circuit.

Sunday’s competition consisted of a series of heats, semis and last chance qualifiers to determine who would race in the A, B, and C mains, (there weren’t quite enough racers to run a D main) later in the day. The day belonged to the always fast, always versatile off road legend, Jimmy Jarrett Racers getting ready for the start of the A Main Jeremy Weber – West Yellowstone News Shayna Lier not only remained undefeated in the women’s class. She also became the first-ever woman to make the men’s A Main. Jeremy Weber – West Yellowstone News who easily won his heat and then took the coveted A Main, holding off the young and determined, up and coming snow bike star, motocrosser Colton Davis, who won Round 2 of the series in Minnesota several weeks earlier in his first race ever. Both riders had to pass determined holeshot artist Chaunn McAlister from Northern Idaho who, at age 47, led the first two laps, crashed late in the race and still salvaged a fifth in the ultra fast and competitive A Main, beating riders half his age.

Davis wasn’t the only fast, young, new rider. Harris Huizenger had another solid weekend, taking third in the A Main and South Dakota’s Shayna “No Fear” Lier remained unbeaten and untested, winning the Women’s Main event handily, topping several other fast women including AMA National Hare & Hound talent, Shayla Fulfer, and the rapidly improving Sarah Whipple. Lier also made history by being the first and only woman to ever qualify for an A Main and there she finished in a really solid 8th place. This is her first year on a snow bike and it makes one wonder just how much more speed is in Lier’s tiny frame.

Once again the Jelinek brothers from North Dakota also had a great weekend: Jay took 9 th and Chad took 6th in the A Main, and Lee took a solid 2nd in the B Main. Justin Homan from Redmond, Oregon looked smooth and fast, easily winning the B Main and South Dakota’s Gary McNeil easily grabbed the C Main trophy.

Because round four of the series (scheduled for March 19 in Logan, Utah) had to be cancelled due to lack of snow, West Yellowstone awarded 1.5 times points toward the 2016 National Snow Bike MX Series title, (extra points will also be awarded at the fourth and final round). At present there are a number of men who still have a shot at clinching a national title, and several women are also in contention for their championship.

Special thanks are in order to the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce, Robbie and Joe (the groomer operators), and Thad Lawrence and the staff with Mountain West Racing. The last round of the National Snow Bike MX Series will be held at the Bogus Basin Ski Resort, 16 miles north of Boise, Idaho on April 16. Bogus is enjoying a terrific snow year with 53 inches of snow on the ground, so there is little danger of any “lack of snow” cancellations for the final round of the 2016 race season. For more information visit: www.flashpointsnowbike.com.

Round 3 results, West Yellowstone, Montana:

A Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Jimmy Jarrett Hometown:Nampa, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled  
Place:2 Name:Colton Davis Hometown:Rocbert, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:Fly, Geame, Pro Taper
Place:3 Name:Harris Huizenger Hometown:Mendken, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motorsports
Place:4 Name:Wyatt Hooper Hometown:McGreger, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Wyatt’s Towing, FXR, Zach Michelson
Place:5 Name:Waylon Caldwell Hometown:Asotin, Washington Riding:SUZ, Timbersled Sponsors:One 16 Yamaha, Moto 365, Stripe-A-Lot
Place:6 Name:Chaunn McAlister Hometown:Coeur d' Alene, Idaho Riding:YAM, Yeti Sponsors:Yeti Snow Bikes
Place:7 Name:Jay Jelinek Hometown:Fordville, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Jelinek Bros, Peterka Farms, Johnson Farms
Place:8 Name:Peter Jacobs Hometown:McCall, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Ride McCall
Place:9 Name:Shayna Lier Hometown:Strafford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled  
Place:10 Name:Chad Jelinek Hometown:Pitek, North Dakota Riding:HON, Explorer Sponsors:Jelinek Bros, Peterka, McLaughlin, & Johnson Farms
Place:11 Name:Chris Kachur Hometown:West Yellowstone, Montana Riding:YAM, Snowtech MX Sponsors:Rocky Mtn. Snow Bike Rental, Snow Tech MX
Place:12 Name:Colt Reisenauer Hometown:Pullman, Washington Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:Moto 365, St. Maries Saw & Cycle
B Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Justin Homan Hometown:Redmond, Oregon Riding:HON, Moto Trax Sponsors:Fly, Metal Mulisha, Pro Caliber, MotoTrax
Place:2 Name:Lee Jelinek Hometown:Pitek, North Dakota Riding:HON, 2Moto Sponsors:Jelinek Bros, Johnson Taters, Zack Fast Racing
Place:3 Name:Kamron Hoffman Hometown:Clyde Park, Montana Riding:HUS, CMX Sponsors:Crazy Mtn. Motorsports
Place:4 Name:Brad Tweten Hometown:Grand Forks, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled  
Place:5 Name:John Arland Hometown:Farmington, Utah Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Gage Brothers Motorsports, Motely & Motley
Place:6 Name:Pete Olson Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:7 Name:Matt Halseth Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Muscatell, Full Throttle Motors, Timbersled
Place:8 Name:Jeff Motley Hometown:Pullman, Washington Riding:SUZ, Timbersled Sponsors:Pre-Mix Concrete
C Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Gary McNeil Hometown:Stratford, South Dakota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Gary’s Auto Body
Place:2 Name:Roger Pinckney Hometown:Varges, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Timbersled  
Place:3 Name:Colton Olson Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:4 Name:Shelby Lund Hometown:Rolla, North Dakota Riding:HUS, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motors, Wilbur Ellis 
Place:5 Name:Jason Weis Hometown:Hamilton, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Jerry Wessel Tires, Les Schwab, Hamilton KTM
Place:6 Name:Matt Hogenson Hometown:Wilsall, Montana Riding:KTM, CMX  
Place:7 Name:Jason Whipple Hometown:McCall, Idaho Riding:HUS, Timbersled Sponsors: Ride McCall 
Place:8 Name:Bob Coffee Hometown:Livingston, Montana Riding:KTM, CMX  
Women Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Shayna Lier Hometown:Strafford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Gary’s Auto Body, Evolution Powersports
Place:2 Name:Sarah Whipple Hometown:McCall, Idaho Riding:HUS, Timbersled Sponsors:Divas Snow Gear, Ride McCall, ABS Airbags
Place:3 Name:Shayla Fulfer Hometown:Nampa, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:RK Motorworks, Ride McCall, Timbersled
Place:4 Name:Cassia Whipple Hometown:McCall, Idaho Riding:HUS, Timbersled Sponsors:Divas Snow Gear, Ride McCall

Men’s 2016 Snow Bike MX National Points after 3 of 4 rounds:

Colton Davis
Rocbert, Minnesota
Jimmy Jarrett
Meridian, Idaho
Harris Huizenger
Mendken, North Dakota
Wyatt Hooper
McGregor, Minnesota
Jay Jelinek
Fordville, North Dakota
Chaunn McAlister
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Waylon Caldwell
Asotin, Washington
Peter Jacobs
McCall, Idaho
Shayna Lier
Strafford, South Dakota
Matt Halseth
Hawley, Minnesota

Women’s 2016 Snow Bike MX National Points after 3 of 4 rounds:

Shayna Lier
Strafford, South Dakota
Shayla Fulfer
Meridian, Idaho
Sarah Whipple
McCall, Idaho
Cassia Whipple
McCall, Idaho
Leslie Atkinson
Boise, Idaho
Jessie Lyons
Florence, Montana


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