Jimmy Roars Back at West Yellowstone AMA Championship Snow Bike Race

Round 6 2017 AMA Championship Snow Bike Series, March 12, 2017 – West Yellowstone, MT

Round six of the Nitro Lubricants, 2017 AMA Championship Snow Bike Series returned to the legendary West Yellowstone Expo and hit a high note with a fun course and warm, 38F temperatures, (and plenty of snow).

This season has been an interesting one and it is far from over, with two rounds remaining in the 2017 AMA Championship Snow Bike Series. Ageless off-road champion, Jimmy Jarrett started the season off strong, steering his KTM, Timbersled to second at round one and following up with a pair of wins at rounds three and four, but he missed rounds four and five, and scrappy, young, Midwestern racers, Cody Thomsen, (YAM, Camso), Keaton Ward, (KTM, Timbersled), Harris Huizenga (KAW, Timbersled), and Mick Olson (KTM, Timbersled) all raged in his absence at rounds four and five. Would the 40-year old Jarrett have a prayer against the kids when he returned? The answer turned out to be a solid YES! After having some mechanical issues with his bike early in the day, Jarrett finally transferred to the elite A Main and when the flag dropped for the start, he pulled an awesome holeshot and never looked back, storming to win the A Main, his third of the year. For the first couple of laps, it looked like the incredibly fast Harris Huizenga might challenge Jarrett, but Huizenga let his desire for TOO much speed take him out. After winning rounds 4 and 5 in Jarrett’s absence, the North Dakota racer was eager to prove that he could beat the veteran, and he started reeling him in quickly. But just as he caught Jarrett, he over jumped and crashed, quickly bouncing back up, down but not yet out.

Behind by half a lap, Huizenga once again pinned his powerful Kawasaki and began passing others like they were standing still, but finally gravity caught up with him and down he went again, this time knocking the wind out of himself. He finally got restarted, shaken but uninjured, but was done for the day. A common question these days is “who is the fastest snow bike racer on the planet?” For raw speed, Huizenga is certainly near the top of the list and as soon as he can season his talent a bit, he will be a true force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, without Huizenga to hound him, Jarrett checked out, cutting consistent 49 second laps on the jumpy, twisty track, while Keaton Ward and Cody Thomsen sped along close behind, trying in vain to gain some ground on the leader, a guy almost old enough to be their dad.

Both the B and C Mains were also fun to watch. A stacked, qualifying group one and some bad luck put several really fast guys (who normally ride in the A Main) in the lower rated mains, but everyone was a good sport about it and Idaho’s Brady Lasher and California Endurocross pro, Cory Graffunder, staged an early battle before Lasher took the B Main win. Washington racer Waylon Caldwell was another speedy guy who suffered from rotten luck all day, but in the end, he looked solid and smooth as he won the C Main.

The women’s race was the usual clash of the Titans between South Dakota’s Shayna Lier (HON, Timbersled) and Idaho’s Shayla Fulfer, (KTM Timbersled), with Lier taking the win. Six women, none of them slow, showed up to race and clearly snowbike racing is shaping up to be a terrific sport for women. The Senior class went to Montana’s Jason Weis (KTM, Timbersled), who ultimately prevailed over Minnesota’s Pete Olson, (KTM, Timbersled).

Round 7 of the AMA Championship Snow Bike Series will be held at the stunning Diamond Lake Resort in Central, Oregon on March 26, 2017, and will feature plenty of snow, since the Central Cascades have been enjoying a stellar winter. There is over 6 feet on the ground right now at the site, with more on the way, and although the women’s title is essentially locked up, the men’s and 40+ classes are far from decided and there are several different guys who could end the season as AMA Snow Bike Champions.

The series partners are: Nitro Lubricants, Moto Trax, Camso, Arctiva Clothing, Fox Suspension, Snomoto.com, Timbersled, CMX, Cyclops, Pro-Moto Billet, Snow Tech MX, HMK, Rekluse, and Excel Fabrication, and Fresh Moto who create the custom event trophies for each event.

Special thanks to: Robbie the Groomer, MWR, Thad and Robert Lawrence and the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce.

Current AMA Championship Series Points Standings:


Cody Thomsen
Keaton Ward
Jimmy Jarrett
Cory Graffunder
Mick Olson


Shana Lier
Shayla Fulfer
Jacqueline Riess
Amy Wolfe
Kapri Maupin

Senior, 40+:

Jason Weis
Pete Olson
TJ Austin
Justin Homan
Jeff Seigfried

Round 6 Results, West Yellowstone Expo:

A Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Jimmy Jarrett #44 Hometown:Star, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:KTM, Timbersled, Superior Construction, Moose SIDI. Rekluse
Place:2 Name:Keaton Ward #195 Hometown:Bozeman, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:HCTN, Von Zipper, Timbersled, Fly, 6D, Hinson, VP Fuels, Acerbis, Fastway, PRZ, 505, NIHILO
Place:3 Name:Cody Thomsen #62 Hometown:Nisswa, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Camso Sponsors:Woodies Racing, Heinen Motorsports, Camso, FMF, 6D Helmets, Scott Goggles, Motion Pro, Rox Speed Fx, Velocity Streetwear, Sunoco, Mobius Knee Braces, General Formulations Tread Company
Place:4 Name:Colton Davis #271 Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:Fly Racing, Timbersled
Place:5 Name:Mick Olson #515 Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop, Team Bar Bangers, Timbersled
Place:6 Name:Dean Hunt #68 Hometown:Priest River, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Wyatt’s Towing, Ice Tires
Place:7 Name:Jimmy Lemastus #847 Hometown:Post Falls, Idaho Riding:YAM, Moto Trax Sponsors:Experience Powersports, Moto Trax, R63, Fly, Valley Powersports, Team Powdercoating
Place:8 Name:Kamron Hoffman #10 Hometown:Clyde Park, Montana Riding:KTM, CMX Sponsors:GCrazy Mountain Motorsports, Z-Bros, Octane Addictions
Place:9 Name:Harris Huizenga #3 Hometown:Bismarck, North Dakota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motorsports, Arctiva, Parts Unlimited, Timbersled, 100%, Alpinestars, CM Shine, Moose
B Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Brady Lasher #22 Hometown:Meridian, ID Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:FXR, Carl’s Cycle, Timbersled, Family
Place:2 Name:Cory Graffunder #118 Hometown:Simi Valley, California Riding:HUS, MotoTrax SRT Sponsors:MotoTrax, Sidi 509, Kenda, Oneal, Rekluse, GPR, Fasst, Fastway, Shoie, TBT, CTI, IMS, Hammer, Hyde, USWE, P3 Carbon, HBD, Moto Seat, TM Designs
Place:3 Name:Shannon Mason #88 Hometown:Golden British Columbia, Canada Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Rocky Mountain Riders, Just Right Motorcycle Coachings
Place:4 Name:Justin Cox #205 Hometown:Idaho Falls, ID Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:Relentless Riding Clinics, South Valley Motorsports, Summit Riders, Airshock Pro
Place:5 Name:Layne Ford #95 Hometown:Livingston, Montana Riding:YAM, Camso Sponsors:Alpine Yamaha
Place:6 Name:TJ Krob #31 Hometown:Bozeman, Montana Riding:SUZ, Timbersled  
Place:7 Name:Tyrell Johnson #838 Hometown:Rigby, Idaho Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:8 Name:Shayna Lier #2W Hometown:Stratford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Gary’s Auto Body, Evolution Powersports, Klim, Bell Helmets, Timbersled
Place:9 Name:Darren Mees #18 Hometown:Redmond, Oregon Riding:KTM, Moto Trax Sponsors:M9 Suspension, Life Proof, Fly Racing, Moto Trax
Place:10 Name:Lance Johnson Hometown:Gilbert, MN Riding:KAW, Frozen Moto  
C Main Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Waylon Caldwell #12 Hometown:Asotin, Washington Riding:YAM, CMX Sponsors:Motorfist, CMX, Moto-Jet, Outlaw Motorsport, Revolution Motosport, Peak Physical Therapy, SXS Skidplate, Prymer Graphics
Place:2 Name:Spencer Kreikemeier #694 Hometown:Belgrade, MT Riding:YAM, Timbersled Sponsors:
Place:3 Name:Colton Olson #777 Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Barbangers Racing, Pete’s Body Shop
Place:4 Name:Shayla Fulfer #1W Hometown:McCall, ID Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Superior Construction, RK Motorworks, Mile High Powersports, Ride McCall, DSG
Place:5 Name:Raine Poole #140 Hometown:Fairfield, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:
Place:6 Name:Louie Jessop #140 Hometown:Pinesdale, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Bar Bangers Racing, Motorcycle Garage, Hamilton Polaris, Les Schwab Tires, Hamilton
Place:7 Name:Roger Pinckney #839 Hometown:Williston, North Dakota Riding:KAW, Timbersled Sponsors:
Place:8 Name:Tom Brace #478 Hometown:Tollgate Canyon, Utah Riding:YAM, Moto Trax Sponsors:Skullcandy, Kind, C4 Belts, Coty 2 Snow, Park City Brewery
Place:9 Name:Colton Sturm #801 Hometown:Nisswa, MN Riding:YAM, Camso Sponsors:Camso, Straight Line Performance, Scott, Brothers Motorsports, RSI, HMK
Place:10 Name:Matt Halseth Hometown:Hawley, Minnesota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Timbersled / Full Throttle Motorsports / Muscatell Automotive Group / Cargo Keeper, MHi, SOL
Women Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Shayna Lier Hometown:Stratford, South Dakota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Gary’s Auto Body, Evolution Powersports, Klim, Bell Helmets
Place:2 Name:Shayla Fulfer #1W Hometown:McCall, ID Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Superior Construction, RK Motorworks, Mile High Powersports, Ride McCall, DSG
Place:3 Name:Jacqueline Riess #836 Hometown:Eden Prairie, MN Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:
Place:4 Name:Amy Wolfe Hometown:Bismarck, North Dakota Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Full Throttle Motorsports
Place:5 Name:Jackie Steinmann #23 Hometown:Bozeman, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Team Bar Bangers
Place:6 Name:Kapri Maupin #12W Hometown:Nampa, Idaho Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Superior Construction, Kelly Fulfer, Jimmy Jarrett, President Trump
Place:7 Name:Markie Hoffman #827 Hometown:Clyde Park, Montana Riding:KTM, CMX Sponsors:CMX, Motorfist
Senior 40+ Name Hometown Riding Sponsors
Place:1 Name:Jason Weis #23 Hometown:Hamilton, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:Hamilton Polaris/KTM, Timbersled, JWTC Les Schwab, Bar Bangers Racing, Motorcycle Garage
Place:2 Name:Pete Olson #45 Hometown:Roosevelt, Minnesota Riding:HON, Timbersled Sponsors:Pete’s Body Shop
Place:3 Name:Brett Steimann #406 Hometown:Bozeman, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:
Place:4 Name:Dan Redli #520 Hometown:Missoula, Montana Riding:KTM, Timbersled Sponsors:


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