Why is the racing series AMA sanctioned?

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has been the national sanctioning body for US motorcyclists for almost 100 years. Snow Biking is a motorcycle sport, so it makes sense to shade it under the AMA tree. Being sanctioned by the AMA also offers:

  • Series Liability Insurance
  • Rider Insurance
  • Official legitimate recognition of the sport
  • More exposure, clout and gravitas!
  • Consistent racer classifications and rules

What Classes can I race in?


  • Men – Age 16-up (up to 530cc, 2 or 4-stroke)
  • Women – Age 16-up (up to 530cc, 2 or 4-stroke)
    (Note, women over 16 CAN also enter in any of the men's classes if they wish, veteran too if over 40.)
  • Senior – Age 40-up (ANY size engine)


  • Open - Age 16-up (531cc & up, 2 or 4-stroke)
  • Youth Ripper – Age 6-15 on “Rippers” up to 150cc
  • Vet Ripper – Ages 30-Up on “Rippers.”

What are the awards?

The race series doesn't pay pro cash (yet). But a number of our partners are paying contingency cash if you are winning with their products. Not paying pro cash is part of the reason why our entry fees are super low. We WILL crown men's, women's and Senior, (over age 40) champions at the end of the year and they will get some cool stuff including custom HMK jackets, custom Rockwell watches, and more. All nine of our events will feature custom, hand-made trophies that will be unique for each event courtesy of Excel Fabrication and Fresh Moto Graphics.

What are my motorcycle requirements?

Please visit Rules page to understand what is allowed and not allowed on your snow bike.​

What is required to participate?

American Motorcyclist Association

ALL riders MUST wear a helmet and goggles, chest and back protector, boots and gloves while practicing and/or racing on-site during race day.

The AMA Championship Snow Bike Series follows the AMA amateur motocross rule book. You can read it by clicking here. Obviously, there are some unique rules which apply ONLY to snow bikes, known as supplimental rules and you can read them by clicking here.

You MUST be either an annual AMA member or buy a temporary weekend license to race. Adults CAN buy a $49 annual membership by clicking here, or you can buy a $20, temporary, weekend membership at the event (and that $20 can be applied later toward an annual membership). Youth annual memberships are $29 and you can also buy a $20 temporary weekend youth membership onsite for $20, which can also be applied toward an annual membership. There also an annual family membership for $98 which buys membership for 2 adults and up to three youth members in a family. An annual AMA membership will also work for other types of motorcycle competition such as motocross, flat track and enduro and if you are already an AMA member, that will also allow you to race snow bikes.


We want to help you get involved with the AMA Snow Bike Series. If you have questions, we have answers. Whether you want to be a racer, sponsor, or just get some information, we’re here to help.