2017 Ama snow bike supplemental rules

  • No studs, bolts, plates or screws allowed on tracks.Rubber tracks only. Picks at the ends of the outer paddles on the track are NOT allowed.
  • No NOS (Nitrous) OR super or turbo chargers.
  • Maximum engine size of 530cc, 2-stroke or 4-stroke in men’s and women’s classes, EXCEPT in Open class ONLY. Engine MUST be 531cc or larger to ride in the Open class.
  • No "riding up." Bikes under 531cc CANNOT ride in the Open class.
  • Maximum engine size of 150cc, 4-stroke or 85cc 2-stroke in youth and adults Ripper classes.
  • Multi-cylinder engines are acceptable in any class
  • Cut-off switches NOT required.
  • Any race (gasoline) including oxygenated fuel is okay. Methanol and nitro are NOT allowed).
  • Carbides on front skis are okay.
  • The Raptor, double-ski front end IS legal.
  • The new, purpose-built Arctic Cat Snow Bike IS legal.
  • Home-made snow bikes are NOT allowed. Snow bike kits must be commercially available.
  • No limit on suspension travel or minimum weight.
  • ALL riders MUST wear a helmet and goggles, chest and back protector, boots and gloves while practicing and/or racing on-site during race day.
  • You MUST be an AMA member to race. Click here to join online for $49 per year or join at the event. You can also buy a $20 temporary AMA license at the event.
  • If you earned a series number in 2016, you must run it in 2017. No particular colors of numbers or backgrounds are required, just three readable numbers. Go to registration page to see series number list for 2017. If you didn't earn a number in 2016, click here to get one. If you do not have a number and do not apply for one, you will have to wear an assigned number bib, similar to the ones that we used in 2016. You will use the same number if you are riding in more than one class, such as the Men's AND the Senior or Open Exhibition classes for instance.
  • Bike sharing has been slowly declining as more and more people get their own snow bike. If you don't have a bike and are sharing with a buddy, you will have to wear a rider number bib and CANNOT both ride in the same class. Bike sharing between two people, one riding in the men's and one riding in the vet classes WOULD be okay for instance, as would sharing between a Ripper adult and a Ripper youth.
  • Your best SIX (6) finishes will count toward a season championships in the men's, women's and Senior (over 40) classes in 2017. We will not track season points in the other classes but will award trophies at each event for them. Click here to see how Championship points are awarded


We want to help you get involved with the AMA Snow Bike Series. If you have questions, we have answers. Whether you want to be a racer, sponsor, or just get some information, we’re here to help.