2019 AMA National Championship Snow Bike Series Supplemental Rules


Pro Men - Age 16 & Up (Up to 450cc, 2 or 4 stroke)

Pro Women - Age 16 & Up (Any Size Engine, 2 or 4 stroke)(Note: Women over 16 can also enter any of the men's classes if they wish, veteran too if over 40)

Senior Trophy - Age 40 & Up (Any Size Engine, 2 or 4 stroke)


350 Trophy – Age 14-Up (2 or 4 strokes, 151 to 350cc, fitted with full-size snow bike kits)

450-Up Trophy – Age 16-Up (2-strokes or 4-strokes 351cc-Up, NOS & Turbos okay)

Women Trophy – Age 16-up (ANY size engine, 2 or 4-stroke) (Note, women over 16 CAN also enter in any of the men's classes if they wish, senior too if over 40.)

Youth Ripper – Age 6-15 using “Ripper” kits, with 2-stk motors up to 85cc and 4-strk up to 150cc. If there is a mixture of young and older youth, they may be run separately. Hoot snow bike kits are also legal to run on YZ85 Yamahas.


  1. A rider’s best four of five rides will count toward a season championship in the men's, women's and senior classes in 2019. There is one throw-away round.
  2. No studs, bolts, plates or screws allowed on tracks. Tracks must be rubber only and cannot be shorter than 120 inches, except youth class which can run shorter tracks. Picks at the ends of the outer paddles on the track are NOT allowed.
  3. NOS (Nitrous) OR turbo chargers are ONLY allowed in 450 Trophy class.
  4. Maximum engine size of 450cc, 2-stroke or 4-stroke in men’s pro class. Any size motor is okay in other Championship and Trophy classes as noted above.
  5. You CAN “ride up.” Bikes under 351cc may also ride in the 450-Up trophy class.
  6. Maximum engine size of 150cc, 4-stroke or 85cc 2-stroke in youth Ripper class.
  7. Multi-cylinder engines ARE acceptable in any class, as long as displacement does not exceed class limits.
  8. Kill switches are required. “Dead-man” tether cut-off switches NOT required.
  9. Any race (gasoline) including oxygenated fuel is okay. Methanol or nitro is NOT allowed in any class including Experimental).
  10. Carbides on front skis are okay.
  11. Raptor, double-ski front ends ARE legal. New, triple fork front ends ARE legal.
  12. Home-made snow bikes are NOT allowed. Snow bike kits must be commercially available, (this is because of liability, insurance risks on homemade kits failing).
  13. No limit on suspension travel or minimum weight.
  14. Bike sharing has been slowly declining as more and more people get their own snow bike. If you don't have a bike and are sharing with a buddy, you will have to wear a rider number bib and CANNOT both ride in the same class. Bike sharing between two people, one riding in the pro men's and one riding in the senior class, WOULD be okay for instance.
  15. A rider’s best six of seven rides will count toward a season championship in the men's, women's and senior classes in 2019. There is one throw-away round.
  16. All three National Champions (Pro Men, Pro Women and Senior) will be invited to attend the annual AMA Champion Banquet Awards Ceremony and will be recognized as official and legitimate AMA National Snow Bike Champions.


Pro Men’s class will use qualifying rounds to determine who races in the Pro Men’s Main. Number of qualifying heats and number of riders that transfer will depend on number of entries, and times and results from qualifiers and LCQ’s will determine staging in mains. Pro Mains will be at least 15 minutes in length unless conditions warrant changes. ALL other classes, including Pro Women, will be scored via combined results from two, at least, ten minute motos, unless there are more than 15 riders signed up in a particular class, in which case, scoring via qualifiers and main events will be used. The maximum number of riders on the track at one time, or going to a main event is 15. If there are more than 10 in a race, and there is insufficient room for a single row start, a second row will be added and lower ranked riders, or losing draw riders will start there. Qualifying groupings will be determined by random draws.


Trophies to top five in each trophy class run at each event.


$2,000 MINIMUM cash (checks issued) paid at each event as follows: (There MAY be additional, supplemental cash at some or all events. $100 per event entry fees for men and $75 per event for women.) Some events may have additional, non-points-paying Dash for Cash races prior to National Main events, and/or manufacturer contingency cash).

  • 1st man $500
  • 2nd man $300
  • 3rd man $250
  • 4th man $175
  • 5th man $150
  • 1st woman $300
  • 2nd woman $225
  • 3rd woman $100

SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: (Tracked for Pro Men, Pro Women, and Senior classes)

  • 1st 75
  • 2nd 70
  • 3rd 65
  • 4th 60
  • 5th 55
  • 6th 50
  • 7th 45
  • 8th 40
  • 9th 35
  • 10th 30
  • 11th 25
  • 12th 20
  • 13th 15
  • 14th 12
  • 15th 10


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